• What is StoryShop?

    StoryShop (powered by Orson) is the one stop shop where people can purchase fully produced personal and group videos that capture, celebrate, and preserve those precious life events and memories, transforming them into unforgettable memories or Stories-as-a-Gift.  StoryShop automatically interviews users to capture their stories, then edits the video with graphics and music, all from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be.  No video crews necessary.

  • How does it work?

    Orson automates the entire video story creation process, from story development to production. Once you’ve selected the story you want to tell and share, it’s just a few easy steps:

    1. 1. Set up your episode

      All we need is a deadline and a list of people who should be part of the episode. Orson automatically send out invitations and reminders.

    2. 2. Participants interview

      Orson interviews each participant from their computer, tablet or mobile phone with thoughtful questions. Directors help pull the best story elements out of each participant and empowers them to do as many takes as they want.

    3. 3. The Magic Begins!

      StoryShop automation selects music and visuals that sync with the story at the right moments for a beautifully crafted video that connects with the audience in a meaningful, deeper way. Zero editing required.

    4. 4. Review

      Before your video is finalized, we give you an opportunity to look it over and make sure it’s perfect. You’ll have a chance to remove or re-request any answer clips you don’t love.

    5. 5. Share

      Stories are meant to be shared! You can watch the episode live with a group, download the episode and post it on a website, or send out the episode link to friends, family, or coworkers so they can view it on their own.

  • What is a StoryStripTM?

    StoryStripsTM are like the blueprint for your episode. Our team of professional TV producers and filmmakers custom crafts each StoryStrip using a combination of interview questions (tested with real people), graphics, user customization, and music that beautifully integrate your stories into an emotional and entertaining video. Our StoryStrips allow us automate the storytelling process so that anyone, anywhere can share their stories with the world without a production crew.

  • How do I view my final video?

    When your episode is ready, we will send you a link to the final video. You can watch your video online on any phone, tablet, or computer.  You will also have the option to share it with others via a password-protected link or save it to your device.

  • How many people can take part?

    Each StoryStrip is carefully crafted to tell a specific story that connects with it’s intended audience in a meaningful, deeper way. We have StoryStrips that are designed for a single participant and others that are designed for up to 35 people.

  • Why is there a time limit for each question?

    We’ve tested and created a story system that helps you get right to the heart of the story, as efficiently as possible.

  • How long will the final video be?

    It depends on the number of questions and the number of participants. Some episodes will only be a few minutes long, others might be up to 20 minutes.

  • How do people record videos for their answers?

    When collaborators are invited to participate in an episode, they will be sent a link to their interview. The interview is led by a video director who will make sure the collaborator has everything they need to feel comfortable and let their authenticity shine during the interview.

  • Do I need any video editing skills?

    Nope, we do the hard work so you don’t have to. After all the interviews are completed, we will automatically create the video for you. Your final video will have have your interview clips plus music, graphics, uploaded pictures, and more to create a beautiful piece of content you’ll love watching.

  • Why does each participant need an email address?

    Why does each participant need their own email address? To create a personalized and secure episode, our system and automated director require a unique email address for each participant. This ensures that each participant receives their own individual interview link and can share their stories and memories separately, allowing for a more intimate and tailored experience.

    What if each participant does not have an email address? If a participant doesn't have their own email addresses, there are a couple of options:

    1. Shared email addresses: If you have multiple email addresses, you can use them for a participant, as long as each participant is assigned a unique email address. This will allow our system to send individual interview links to each participant.

    2. Create new email addresses: If you don't have enough email addresses for each participant, you can easily create new ones for free through various email service providers. Some popular options include:
      • Google (Gmail): How to create a Gmail account
      • Yahoo Mail: How to create a Yahoo Mail account
      • AOL Mail: How to create an AOL Mail account
      • Apple (iCloud) Mail: How to create an iCloud email address

    Simply click on the links above for step-by-step instructions on creating a new email address with each provider. Once you have a unique email address for each participant, you can proceed with creating your special StoryShop episode.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@heyorson.com. We're here to help make your story creation process as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

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