The Board Builder <br>

The Board Builder
"That's Life"

Your board is the most influential group guiding your company to success. Build trust, respect, and empathy among your board of directors to make the most of their limited time together.

2-8 people

# of Questions: 7


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A cohesive board of directors that values one another’s contributions has an immense impact on the quality of work they can do together. But having only a few hours each quarter to connect and bond makes that extremely difficult. The Board Builder is the catalyst for the chemistry needed to guide your company to greater success. It has never been easier to create the bonds of trust and respect required among board members.

The Board Builder is most impactful when viewed prior to gathering together, but can also be viewed together as a great kick off at the board meeting.

Finished Episode Length: 5-15 Minutes

Average Interview Time: 5-10 Minutes

Topics Included:

  1. Where you grew up and what you loved about it
  2. A snapshot of your career
  3. Hidden skills and talents
  4. Moments from your childhood that shaped who you are
  5. Life lessons learned along the way
  6. Obstacles you have overcome
  7. Why you are excited about this company's future
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