Chemistry Accelerator <br>

Chemistry Accelerator
"Well Hello There"

Create trust and empathy among team members faster than ever before.

2-8 people

# of Questions: 7


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Team members who know and trust one another are statistically more productive, and the quicker you can get to that level of connection, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits of an elite team. The Chemistry Accelerator will create laughter, open dialogue, and reveal unexpected shared interests in any group of people. Help team members understand and value one another in a fun and disarming way. The result is not only trust, but empathy that ensures your team has each other’s back.

The Chemistry Accelerator is most effective when viewed just prior to, or at the beginning of a team meeting.

Finished Episode Length: 5-15 Minutes

Average Interview Time: 5-10 Minutes

Topics Included:

  1. A childhood memory that makes you smile
  2. Your unique interests
  3. How you spend your Saturdays
  4. Best thing that happened to you this year
  5. Words of wisdom that you live by
  6. A bucket list item that you want to check-off this year
  7. Best compliment that you could receive
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